Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety
Question 1
(a) Describe the meaning in relation to “Duty of Care” the EMPLOYER must meet?

Employing a worker gives you a responsibility to provide a safe workplace and give equal opportunities to each and every employee no matter the disability. This may mean that the employer might need to make appropriate adjustments to the work environment.

(b) Describe the “Duty of Care” that the EMPLOYEE must meet?

It is the responsibility of the employee to act responsibly and to take care for themselves and others. You must work with your employer to ensure it is a safe workplace.

Question 2

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is issued/required for the daily activities performed on the enterprises or when handling specialized equipment/chemicals?

The following PPE may be needed when working on a farm-
• Ear plugs/muffs
• Gloves
• Helmet/hard hat
• Steel capped boots
• Safety glasses
• Apron
• Sun cream
• Wide brimmed hat

Question 3

When it is required to lift any heavy objects, what methods or aids would you seek to comply with OHS standards?
• Plan the handling
• If possible use a mechanical aid
• Use correct body techniques
• Avoid muscle fatigue
• Avoid bending, twisting and reaching movements
• Follow a safe procedure

Question 4

What are the facts to consider with associated risk – Personal Health?

Personal Health should be everyone’s priority when working on a farm. You encounter many risk everyday. Some are listed below-
• Skin cancer- Rural workers spend most of their time in the sun therefore they are most at risk. Caused by over exposure to the sun over a period of time.
• Deafness- The tolerance to noise is the result of deafness. Caused either by short blast of loud noise or continuous noise.
• Heat Stress- Increased sweating which leads to lack of fluids in the body. Caused by physical activity and the climate.
• Asthma- Is the constriction of breathing. Caused by...