Hcs 235 Health Insurance Matrix Free Essays

Health Care Museum
Jessica Garcia
Due 11/02/15
Professor: Tamica Lewis

Health Care Hall of Fame Museum

Development | Description | Analysis (How does the development affect the current U.S. health care system?) |
1. Public Health |                     Public Health Division of Health Care Services, in the eighteenth century there was several epidemics of plague, cholera, and small box, which forced public efforts to protect citizens from dreadful disease If you do not have control of infectious diseases from spreading, then we all can be at risk of a big epidemic of disease that are contagious. Public health care division has a different community partners and health care providers that work with people to discuss the pros and cons of the infectious diseases.   During the eighteenth century public health awareness and efforts helped disease to be seen through a new scope of human health conditions rather than a super natural effect that could be controlled through isolation of the sick and quarantine of people who traveled. Many people thought disease was contributed to poor moral or even a spiritual mediated factor that could be healed through prayer and or meditation this was not the case. | Public Health has improved United States. These improvements are controlling infectious disease, vaccinations, and healthier foods, also having a cleaner environment. Public health has also decrease hospital infections and diseases from spreading in several ways. One of the most important impacts public health has implement is the education of your hands in hospitals, in school, at your job and especially when you handling food.   Teaching people about washing hands often helps decreased bacteria from spreading from person to person. Easy steps such as lathering hands with soap, rubbing hands together for 15 seconds, using a clean paper towel to dry hands and lastly turning off water with a paper towel has help prevent transmission of multiple bacteria...