Why Health Insurance Is Important to Have

Why Health Insurance is important to have.
Jodi Bonee
Professor Lewis

Having health insurance is important to have for many reasons; a person that has health insurance is more likely to get yearly exams which in turn will help prolong their life. Having health insurance helps if something was to happen to you or a member of your family and they need medical treatment. Health insurance can also help you pay for any medicine you may need.
Health insurance is especially important for women, pregnant women would benefit with health insurance as they are more likely to go to their regular checkups. These checkups are very important to both mother and baby. At these appointments doctors can make sure that the pregnancy is going smoothly.   They can do testing to make sure the baby is not having any problems or defects. (1)
  Paying for insurance is expensive but if you don’t have it you may find yourself in a financial hardship that may ruin your credit and possibly your life. Not having health insurance means that if you or a family member has an accident or a life threating illness you would have to pay out of pocket for the very expensive medical bills that you would be charged with. So in the long run you would be better off to have the insurance just in case something happens.
In summary the need for health insurance is important for your physical wellbeing and for your financial wellbeing. I think that something should be done to help bring the price of insurance and medical care in general down. It’s too bad that there are so many people that don’t get insurance simply because they cannot afford to pay premiums and therefore their health is at risk.
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