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How to be a great Care a Assistant

      1.1 THE VALUES
  * Understand , Individuality, rights, choice, privacy respect.
  * ( Treat every resident as a separate person) – encourage each person to talk about themselves <activity or special hobby , call each person by the name they wants used>
Residents have rights –
# Older people hv the same legal rights( Human rights act. 1998)
GIVE RESIDENTS CHOICE – how they are going to spend their day< Some frail and vulnerable resident may need help making choice – some time they confused>
PRIVACY FOR RESIDENT MATTERS – Ex:- Always knocking before entering a resident’s room.

Every day should be Independence day for residents – Ex:- Asking   residents to choose   what they want   to wear every day,
GIVE DIGNITY AND RESPECT – Ask a resident whether they would like to be called by their first name or   surname. Make sure you know how to pronounce the name correctly. Do not treat older people as if they were children, never ignore a resident.

. Understand the importance of confidentiality – confidentiality means keeping it secret ( not giving out private information about your team, except in special circumstances)

# Understand the limits of confidentiality< in some circumstances it might be necessary to relese confidential information   to medical staff in an emergency to save life, person is being abused.>


.You should read your care homes policies and procedures on confidentiality and sharing information with other people.<check the identity of anyone requesting the information , person making request has the authority to do so.

The right blend of SPICES

S: Social
P: Physical
I: Intellectual
C: Cultural
E: Emotional
S: Spiritual

SOCIAL – Every resident is very different, different backgrounds, relationships with relatives and friends can be very...