Hcs/235 Web Review

Web Review Paper: “Sheldon Medical Supply”
By: your name here
Date:   10/22/2010

The state of Michigan has many medical supply companies.   In our Mid Michigan area the office I work at chooses Sheldon Medical Supply over the other medical companies, because they have provided our office and our patients with outstanding services.   Sheldon Medical Supply is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at their 1-800 number or their website www.sheldonmedicalsupply.com.
Upon visiting their website they tell you about themselves and when and how they got started as a company.   They take pride with their commitment with the Joint Commission so their clients, employees, and patients know they uphold the highest of standards.
Sheldon Medical Supply Company also has a mission statement.   “Sheldon Medical Supply is one of Michigan’s premier providers of home medical equipment.   Through partnership within the health care community, our ongoing mission is to serve patients and other customers with outstanding service in a cost effective manner.”(Sheldon).
Sheldon Medical Supply offers several home services.   First service is, patient mobility.   Their technicians will talk to the patient, discuss their situation and decide which equipment and/or accessory that is best for the patient.   In mobility they offer:   Wheelchairs, forearm crutches, electric carts, sidestep walkers, canes, quad canes, power wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and wheeled walkers.
Respiratory equipment is offered twenty-four hours a day along with having Registered Therapist on staff.   In respiratory equipment they offer:   Oxygen therapy such as: concentrators, stationary tank systems, and portable systems.   Nebulizer and Unit dose medications such as:   Home aerosol treatments, top-of-the-line equipment, pharmacy coordination, prompt delivery of machine and medication, and monthly shipments straight to the patient’s door.   Other respiratory equipment such as:...