Knowing the Features Is the First Step to Select Rotary Dryer

In a rotary drum dryer, copy board is an important component of the rotary drum dryer. Rotary drum dryer copied the board"s role is to copy the material and gradually pour on the hot air in order to strengthen the material and hot air heat and mass transfer, and promote the conduct of the drying process. In the form of the copy board and the number of choices is correct or not directly affect the thermal efficiency and dry strength. Based on experience, the copy number of boards in general n = (6-10). Copy the angle of the board to consider the angle of repose and the adhesion of materials.In the choice of drying equipment, we must first understand the characteristics of rotary dryer.1.An ability to adapt to the dry materials, dryers, such as can meet the material requirements of the dryness of the dry product uniformity.2.The dryer the quality of the product with or without prejudice. Some product requirements to maintain the crystal shape, color; some products require deformation or cracking in the drying.3.The level of thermal efficiency of the drying device (In general, the heat drying plant make good use of thermal efficiency is high; the contrary, the low thermal efficiency) which is dry and the main technical and economic indicators.Inevitably,we would meet a lot of problems during the operation of rotary dryer.We have explained you some basic knowledge of mining equipments in the news we published before.Here,we would like to share you how to maintain and protect the rotary dryer with long time out of operation. When mining equipments is out of production for a long time,it will bring a lot of trouble for the next normal operation.In order to make these devices work properly,we need maintain and protect the mining equipments with some certain methods during the idle period. graphite dryer price: