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Hardware and Software
WEEK 3 Assignment

I’ve always worked with computers my whole life, back from when I was in 2nd grade and I remember when we purchased our first computer and it was cool and fun to play games like “wolf stein” and a fighter jet plane called “raptor”. And that’s my first impression of having a computer, which is for games, software’s, and school work. But being a DJ and back into the world of having a job that deals with computers, I never thought that the companies I’ve helped would require having certain software’s to complete the daily schedules of completing “WORK”.
I’ve only worked mostly two different job fields, which is sales for cell phone companies and in a hospital as a physiotherapist. Both jobs have used computers, and now that I am in this class I can adapt my learning’s from my previous jobs to this assignment we are working on as well as my future projects and my future career that I’m positive would require a computer. Our group is working with a tool and hardware that scan’s. This type of equipment has help benefit many business from the past, because back in the day they would have to be writing down inventory daily which could’ve taken many hours and days. Examples are post offices, fed-ex, UPS, and many others, but now with this technology that is increasing every day; the new tool and software to scan, would get the inventory work completed faster within hours or minutes.
For my organization example I will use my previous job with cell phones. There were a lot of inventory to work with and what really saved us was using a USB scanner gun to simply input the bar code numbers and sort them in the sections that they belong to, we would organize the Samsungs, Motorola’s, Nokia’s, and Blackberry’s etc. phones. And the way the interface and the software worked was it would be only on the desktop computer at every store or kiosk with limited space to stretch the USB cable from the computer to scan bar codes. The...