Bus 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Hardware-Software Components

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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems | A legacy system is an out-dated database management that may still be in use at a corporation because its data cannot be converted to a new system, nor can the application program be upgraded.   Newer software products can support a legacy system and are capable of importing the data. |
Mainframe computers | A mainframe is a very large, multi-tasking computer that has the ability to support many users running a variety of different programs at the same time.   They are commonly used by large businesses. |
Microprocessors | A microprocessor is a computer processor that contains the functions of a central processing unit on a microchip.   It was design to perform mathematical and logical calculations, which include adding, subtracting, comparison of numbers, and transferring numerical data from one area to another. |
PCs | PC is the acronym for Personal Computer.   It is computer that is used on a regular basis for personal or work tasks such as writing papers, creating spreadsheets, or tracking finances.   A standard PC includes tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as ports for connecting peripheral components. |
Network computers | A group of two or more personal computers connected to each other that allow files and information to be shared across the system.   Networks can be connected through Ethernet cables, phone lines, or wireless cards. |
World Wide Web and Internet | The Internet is a system established for global communication with other networks and computers.   It incorporates an enormous amount of informational resources and services to access the hypertext documents making up the World Wide Web.   It also provides the capability to send and receive electronic mail.The World Wide Web is a section of the Internet that consists of pages written a code referred to as hyper-text markup...