Conner Needham
Focus Questions 82-90

  1) What are the two dramatic changes to American federalism that have occurred over the past two centuries? (2 points)
- There has been a gradual shift from dual federalism to cooperative federalism, and the rise of fiscal federalism.

  2) Discussing the American system of dual federalism, the text states, “The American system, however, was never neatly separated into purely state and purely national responsibilities.” Discuss two examples that reinforce this statement. (4 points)
- education was once thought of as a state and local responsibility until it was seen in the Articles of the Confederation that Congress set aside land in the Northwest Territory for schools and in highways where the Congress constructed “post roads”

  3) Explain the political climate in which the policy of devolution was conceived. In which ways has Congress successfully been able to implement devolution? In which ways has Congress retreated from devolution? Give examples to support your findings.   (6 points)
-The Republicans and Democrats were at a standstill as to their views on the federal government. It was successful by repealing the national speed limit, allowed states more latitude in dealing with the welfare policy, made it more difficult for state prisoners to seek relief in federal court. It retreated by restricting states powers, and controlling immigration

  4) Compare and contrast categorical grants and block grants. (3 points)
- They both are money given to the state governments for certain needs, Categorical however is more specific for how the money is spent, and block has a wider range for what the money can be used for