Guns Should Be Banned

Recent events on television have shown us how violent shootings have escalated to a large proportion. It seems every body these days has access to a gun. Simple guns were first used in the 13th century but since then firearms of all kinds have become more powerful and deadly. This is the true of automatic weapons which can fire for 20 seconds or until the trigger is released. Although they are intended as military weapons they are sold to the public and are found in urbanized as well as country areas. Some people buy guns to keep their homes safe in case of break-ins, so they can fend off burglars or intruders. But guns in the home pose a danger for children as there have been many fatal shootings. Guns can fall into hands of criminals and this makes crime easier. Often crimes end up with killings. If guns were banned the crime rate might go down and as a result there will be fewer lives lost. People with psychiatric disorders, or those who are mentally disturbed, should not be allowed to own guns. They are not in control of their actions and we could easily have another massacre similar to the one that occurred in Port Arthur, Tasmania where an emotionally disturbed man opened fire and killed many people. From these arguments it is obvious what must be done. We must get rid of guns which make it so easy to kill. We all want to feel safe as we go about our daily lives and if guns were not so readily available, our community would be a safer place.