The Proper Contol on Guns

The Proper Control on Guns
A woman is out late one night with some friends when she decides it is time to head home to her family.   As she opens the door to her car a man dressed in black starts to approach   her aggressively.   She tells him to stop and asks his business, but he says nothing and continues toward her.   With no one around to help her she decides to pull out her Glock 19 and tells the man that she is armed.   Upon hearing this and seeing the weapon, the man starts to run in the other direction.   This is a hypothetical story that   represents a very serious situation that occurs quite often in America.   Crime, to include violent ones, are a simple fact of society, and how each person handles that is an individual question.   For a select few that question is answered by choosing to carry and become knowledgeable about weapons.   Gun control activists feel that the very existence of guns is a problem.   They want laws passed that would make it very difficult for the average person to acquire a weapon.   State and federal programs to fight the possession of illegal weapons and educate people on the handling of guns is a better answer to gun control than stricter gun laws or their abolition, because it still allows honest citizens to legally defend themselves from criminal activity.
An easy assumption to make is that if guns are not allowed to be privately owned, then America would be a safer place due to the lack of weapons for people to use against each other.   This rationalization fails to make light of the large amount of weapons in America that are trafficked illegally between criminals without any observation.   "The largest U.S. seizure of illegal guns came to a head this summer in the Los Angeles area when Hammond Ku pleaded guilty to importing 2,000 AK-47 automatic weapons from China" and "thousands more weapons are bought illegally and quietly, mostly by individuals" (Moore, 1997).   If guns are banned from American hands, criminals will still find...