Gun Control

Jimie Cespedes
Patrick Vallee
English 1B
9 September, 2013
Gun Control

Is gun control worth the cost of our freedom and can or will it come to the complete forfeiture of our 2nd Amendment rights?

This paper, because of its topic is controversial and hence argumentative.   I do hope my research will show that the potential cost of losing our constitutional right to keep and bear arms would be at no less cost than our very freedom in this country.   Questions such as the main research question above will be considered, and the like: To what extent is gun control necessary?   Is it possible our founding fathers may have supported some factor of gun control?   I’d also like to take into brief consideration the recent controversy of the language of the 2nd Amendment which is being questioned (and remark on the trend of how language can be taken out of context from its original meaning, for example the original history, meaning and intention of the phrase “church and state”); what was the intention, meaning and history of the 2nd Amendment when it was originally drafted?   What measures are being taken for prohibiting firearms from mentally unstable persons, criminals, etc?   Did Hitler really enforce gun control?   Then, finally I will look at the gun ban in the UK, Australia and also our own New York City; have these gun bans had the intended result of less violence?   What do statistics show?   To elaborate on the main question, can it really happen that we would ban guns in America will look at our value upon our states to enact gun bans, therefore a unifying factor of all or most of our states would have to lead into a nationwide gun ban, or perhaps the President could attempt to take more radical anti-gun action, or the more likely: a case before the Supreme Court changes the entire meaning of the 2nd Amendment.   Gun safety is a crucial issue that can lead to gun bans.   At least two of our founding fathers spoke of gun safety for their children; which does speak...