Web Design 2 Midterm Project
Direction: Use HTML Forms and add events using JavaScript with the following topics
  1. Hindu-Arabic to Roman Numerals and Vice Versa Conversion Mauricio
      *   Create a form that let the user convert a Hindu-Arabic number to a Roman Numeral and vice versa. Let the user to choose to convert Roman Numeral to Hindu-Arabic and vice-versa.   Then, it will display the result when the user click the button convert
  2. Currency Converter (at least 5 major currency)   Christian Fernandez
      * Create a form that can convert at least 5 major currency. The user will choose from the current currency to the current currency. Then, let the user input the value of money. When the user click the convert button, the result will be displayed
  3. Simple Cash Register Layacan
      * Create a form that simulates the cash register that you see in a supermarket. Let the user input an item code, item name and item price. The user can input up to 10 items.
After the user has inputted the items, when he click the button, it will compute all the total price of all the items and display all the item code, name and price all the items.  
  4. Pizza Ordering FormAraullo
      *   Create a form that will simulate a Pizza Ordering System. The program will let the user choose pizza size e.g small, medium and large with their corresponding price. The user will also choose the toppings e.g. one topping, two toppings, three toppings and four toppings with corresponding price. After the user chosen the pizza size and toppings and click a button,   it will display the pizza size, toppings and will calculate the total prize of your pizza.
  5. Temperature Converter (Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa) De Belen
      * Create a form that will let the user choose to convert a temperature from Degree to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. Then let him input the number of the temperature and when he click a button, compute and display the result.
  6. Length...