Are Grades Really that Important?
Grades are essential part of a college student and the classes they take. So bring up the question whether grades should be abolished or are they necessary to a good education is a great debate. But in reality grades should be abolished for a couple of reasons. When apply for a job they are not going to look at the fact that a student made a B in Calculus III or the student has a 3.6 GPA. They are going to look at and evaluate what the student learned and how well do you apply it in to their career. The letter grade means nothing when to the workforce world. A student who made C’s all the way through school can still compete in the world of competition with a student who made all A’s. It is a student’s experience and knowledge of their career that will take them and move them up the success ladder of life.
The college system try to conditions students to work for a grade rather than the knowledge the grade is supposed to represent. Students should be studying because they need the knowledge to pursue whatever obstacles and achievements life has for them. Now with the abolishment of grades, instead of students being slaves to the system, is free to pursue whatever he or she likes. They may want to get a low level job that does not pay much or challenge him or her. They may decide that this fills my needs and show that now he or she is contributing to society. They are not wasting time and money studying to get a grade. Now after life begins to become a reality, the student may want to do something more demanding. He or she may discover that in order to do this, they will need certain skills or knowledge. This is when he or she may very well return to college and pursue his or her studies with the right attitude. Since now the student is working, not for a grade, but for knowledge. He or she will not only work hard, but will demand that those teaching them work as hard. The abolishment of grades would not only benefit students by...