Governess Poetry and Illustration Literary Essay by Poet Kass Ghayouri

Book: Governess Poetry and Illustration by poet Kass Ghayouri

Literary Essay

Poem: Types of Teachers (Page 24)

Poet Kass Ghayouri

      Poet Kass Ghayouri, in her poem, “Types of Teachers” acknowledges the different categories into which teachers fall. The professional teacher has full mastery of her subject matter. They have the crucial ingredient to help students succeed in life. They pave their way with the notion of a new vision to effectively face the future, as responsible members of society. Poet Kass Ghayouri employs effective diction and literary devices to illustrate this in her poem. The profession teacher has innovative teaching methods and collaborates with students with an open mind and personal strength. Poet Kass Ghayouri also addresses the characteristics of the martinet who is a disciplinarian. Their intentions may be good, however students are too young to grasp and appreciate a martinet. The martinet may be over critical and embarrass a student by lashing out at them, with their perfectionist attitude. They do not realize that perfection is not the pursuit to happiness. Likewise, Kass Ghayouri introduces the readers to the bumbler who is symbolic of a clumsy person. Their series of actions and movements results in negative consequences. As a result they are not competent and orchestrate series of movements that result in disaster. Hence, this essay will reveal that poet Kass Ghayouri in her poem “Types of Teacher’’ addresses the theme of differences in teachers and the impact it has on students, while utilizing effective literary devices.

      Kass Ghayouri divides teachers into categories and in stanza one and two she addresses the bumblers. The bumbler is the teacher who is clumsy, unflattering, disorganized and accident prone. It is the notion of no degree of bodily control, exercised by the bumbler. Therefore, this results in clumsy physical performance. Poet Kass Ghayouri uses an effective simile to address a teacher who...