The Fugitive's Baby Essay by: Kass Ghayouri

Symbolic Symbols in the Fugitive’s Baby

By:   book   written by author Kass Ghayouri

      Significant symbols are important to the novel, this shown through Kass Ghayouri’s novel. Her book, The Fugitive’s Baby shows characters that create an excellent story. The novel portrays bravery, romance, love and fear through the astonishing characters throughout the novel. The Fugitive’s Baby is about a young immigrant to Canada who experiences isolation and discomfort. She struggles through obstacles throughout her life to achieve her dream. She faces many problems as a visitor until she meets a perfect young, handsome man that makes a change in her life. She faces complications and overcomes them when crossing the border with her husband and four day old baby. Symbols are seen everyday life, it is an object, character, figure and colour which represents abstract ideas and concepts. The Fugitive’s Baby reveals three major symbols such as the snow, bag and moon that play a major role throughout the novel.

      Throughout the novel the protagonist faces several symbols that make a difference in her life. The snow symbolizes fear and death, but is beautiful and peaceful. The father receives news that his wife is about to give birth, so he drives with anxiety from Canada to the United States of America through the snow storm. The quotation demonstrates that the snow leads him to experience tragedy. “Out of blue, a tree came crashing down. It crushed the car with an explosive bang. This followed by drift of snow that took away all visibility” (Ghayouri 25). The fierce and violent snow storm nearly kills the father. The father was risking his life to drive through this dangerous storm to the United Sates to observe the birth of his baby and make his wife feel comfortable. This quotation reveals that the father is not driving fast and slides on icy snow. “The father was not speeding or driving recklessly, but the jeep began to spin on the icy compacted snow. The...