Governess Poetry and Illustration (Analysis of a Poem) Called Aging

Book Title: Governess Poetry and Illustration

Poet Kass Ghayouri

Poem (Analysis of a poem) Aging

Poem By: Kass Ghayouri

      Aging is a process of getting old physically, cognitively and psychologically. The entire poem Aging by Kass Ghayouri is a symbolic and metaphoric poem. Line one begins with an effective simile “Aging is like a natural disaster” (Ghayouri). Here the poet compares aging to a natural disaster with is an effective imagery. In line 2 “Your cholesterol is like a tsunami”, explains how one’s cholesterol rushes in like a tsunami wave.   She compares diabetes to a tornado. Poet Kass Ghayouri reveals why she makes such a comparison. She provide, proof by demonstrating that it is a condition of swirling insulin. Line six is not just an effective simile; It is also a satire when Poet Kass Ghayouri states, “Your stress is like a hurricane, with fierce winds and tears like rain”. That is an effective line. The reader is able to visualize such a natural disaster. She compares each ailment of aging to a specific natural disaster. She compares mood to a volcanic eruption and explains, “Releasing poisonous gasses and eruptions” (Ghayouri line 13). The effective theme that runs throughout this poem is illness during aging. With aging come a lot of medical issues. This poem is so realistic because it addresses all issues of aging that most people experience. The use of figurative devices add to the dramatic nature of poet Kass Ghayouri poem on Aging. It is an intellectual and academic poem that addresses all issues of aging.