Poem on William Shakespeare by: Kass Ghayouri

Book: Governess Poetry and Illustration

      Poet: Kass Ghayouri

      Name of Poem: William Shakespeare

      Poet: Kass Ghayouri

      An essay on an analysis of the poem William Shakespeare

      Literary Essay, on the poem William Shakespeare, by Poet Kass Ghayouri from the Book Governess William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright, regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. Shakespeare was born on 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. He left behind 38 plays, 54 sonnets and two long narrative poems that are still analyzed, studied and praised to this date. Kass Ghayouri is a Canadian author and poet who has written the poem “William Shakespeare”, now available in her “Governess Poetry” book. The poem “William Shakespeare” has an effective theme message and evokes emotions, holds an appropriate atmosphere, mood and tone, has effective technical aspects.
The poem takes the theme of appraisal for Shakespeare and his work. Kass Ghayouri writes “Shakespeare brought English to life” (16). Ghayouri makes a very strong statement claiming that he was able to truly influence the English language. Truly, Shakespeare did invent a large portion of the English language and it is important to pay homage to him for that and to understand how it was developed. The poem conveys the message of praise and respect for Shakespeare and his significance to our modern world. The diction of “William Shakespeare” is simple and straightforward. The poet does not need complex diction to express ideas. Literary vocabulary is present through the poem though, language such as “Iambic pentameter” (11), which is necessary to convey the message. The poem brings forth a feeling of appreciation upon my emotions. While reading the poem “William Shakespeare” I truly began to appreciate Shakespeare’s influence on my life and began to reflect on all my high school English classes. Kass Ghayouri is able to carry the theme...