Good Life

Brian M. Malabanan
Prof. Kirin Farquar
ENG 098
February 23, 2009
Welcome to the Good Life
“Welcome to the good life…welcome to the good liiifeee…,” this song by Kanye West featuring T-Pain always hits me hard and makes me smile. It reminds of the character Ruth McBride from the New York Times best seller list called The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to his White Mother. She is a character that is unbelievable and undeniable that it impresses me in a way that I can relate through her life experiences. Although, to be honest, I did not even experience half of what she has been through, but coming here to America, we both somehow have a connection and connected. It was a life changing experience for me and was tough leaving all my relatives, friends, and especially my girlfriend at that time to come here and restart my new life with my family. It took me years to finally cope up with the situation and adjust to how to live here in America.
It all started when my father, Gerry O. Malabanan, met my mother, Benilda Maneja, in their native home in the province of Cavite, Philippines. They got married and quickly moved to Metro Manila to start their family. I was born November 23, 1980 with my twin sister Dina. I do not remember the time and where was I born, because back in the Philippines, being born in to this world was enough. No details on what time, the place of birth, finger prints, foot prints, SSN, insurance, etc. all that is important is that we were both born healthy - at least my twin sister Dina was healthy first, and they finally cured me, but that is another story - and everybody is happy, that simple. My family and I moved a lot when we were young. We moved to places where it was safer for all of us even if going to school and my parents traveling to work took two hours everyday, five times a week. Safety is very important for our family, especially for my father. I remember living at 931 Sampaloc St. Manila, Philippines, (Manila being the...