Essay on Nervous Conditions

The Worst Hardship
Out of the many parts of westernization and colonization, one group of people were the worst off.   That group of people is those that used the westernization to try to help their families to come out of their dire straits and more into the world of westernization.   In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions Babamakuru has the worst predicament of those that have been affected by westernization and colonization.   He has to deal with his westernized wife and daughter, and then has to, in turn, westernize another family’s son or daughter without too much support from that family.
One of the curses of westernization and colonization is the spouse and children.   In this case, for Babamakuru, it is Maiguru and Nyasha.   They both give Babamakuru grief over things that would not be normally disputed in traditional culture.   Maiguru, his wife, becomes more independent after her college level education alongside Babamakuru in England.   She starts to challenge him a little more than what would be normally accepted.   At first it is more like feelings until she finally divulges her perspective on the situation to Tambudzai about all her suffering.   Maiguru herself steps out of the normal woman’s role when she goes to college, and Babamukuru’s family tells their children that she went along with Babamakuru to support him, and that is one thing that Tambidzai learns when she talks with Maiguru.   Maiguru says:
          “I still studied for that degree and got it in spite of all of them – your uncle, your grandparents and the rest of your family.   Can you tell me now that they aren’t pleased that I did, even if they don’t admit it?   No!   Your uncle wouldn’t be able to do half the things he does if I didn’t work as well!” (101)
This shows her contempt towards Babamakuru and whether he knows about this contempt or not it is hurting him and his relationship with his wife.   Maiguru even goes so far as to actually have a fight with him and then leave when...