The Good Life

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Mr. Gidaris
September 30th 2010

The Good Life

The good life can be defined in many ways and can be determined by many factors.   However, with morality and a realistic view on life, it becomes easier for one to attain the “good life”.   Having a realistic view on life prevents excessive want for material property, and prevents dissapointment if said property is not recieved.   Morals help to regulate society, keep people out of trouble, and guide people through difficult situations.   A combination of both aforementioned points are essential to creating the good life.

Even though modern day society is considered to be non-hiearchical,   people are divided into classes in sublte ways.   People are divided into classes based on income, asthectic appeal, and athleticism amongst various other factors.   For example, people who work in lower income jobs, do not have the same salary as someone who works in more demanding jobs, therefore one can assume that the person who works in the lower income job, has a lower standard of living in relation to the person who works at the higher income job.   It is difficult for someone suffering from leprosey to become a super model, in the same way it is difficult for an obese person to become a professional athlete.   In this sense, we see that our so called “modern day society” does discriminate and prevents people from attaining all their goals.   Taking this into consideration, it is safe to argue that life is not fair.   Factors outside of our control often determine our futures.   Expecting that life will always provide the best situations and the best

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outcomes will only lead to dissapointment and frustration.   It is virtually impossible to always fulfill one’s wishes, demands, or desires.   If the good life was defined as having lots of...