Good Educatio


Many often ask why education is important with respect to successful career, because it can influence overall quality of life, besides to the influence of education has on one's career life. Hence I completely agree with the statement that good education is a must for a successful career. Many who seeks a job, having years of experience in the field may not even be considered for the post, or they may be passed over for a candidate who has a higher degree, or more education, but may have less experience. Why? Answer is education is very important to both our personal and professional life, in momentous ways. Counting on the level of success we are aiming to accomplish, the level of the education we seek may be relative, but the final bottom line is, good education is often cardinal for future success. Completing higher levels of education displays that we have an urge and commitment to update, learn and apply new information, novel ideas, new theories and formulas to actualize a variety of excellent tasks and goals. Most probably the explicit reason why good education is important is to acquire the subject’s core matter. For example let us take English and language skills. English and language skills will aid us to communicate our ideas more perfectly. Communication skills are indeed a must in any role – whether we are dealing with colleagues, clients, or superiors, we will need to effectively convey our ideas, plans, goals, and such. In a nutshell, I will say the more we LEARN, the more we EARN. The word LEARN includes the word EARN. May be this is because the higher level of education we accomplish, the higher will go our income level too. Different pay scales for different job can be considered to prove this statement.