Goal Plan

(A)I decided to pursue my degree at University Of Phoenix because of its close location, excellent education, diversity and also people who work there are so professional and helpful.
At University Of Phoenix, the number of students per class is smaller than a traditional college. The instructors can focus on each student and offer a quality individual attention, whiles in a traditional college, the number of students per class is big and instructors may not be able to relate to each individual.
The benefits I expect of the University Of Phoenix approach is, smaller classes allow students/professor interaction a more engaging learning experience, greater class participation. Small groups of students are more able to have quality discussions and interact on a more personal level with the professor.
The challenges I have with the University Of Phoenix approach is, the tuition is quite expensive, and the late night classes and series of assignments may not favor some parents and workers.

(B)My personal reason for pursuing a college degree at this time in my life is, personally at this point in my life; I am settled with family and work and in the right frame of mind to concentrate and pursue my education. Professionally, I want to receive my degree, reach my career goals, and better my life and be a better person with my dream career.

(C)Communication style to me is a way of expressing oneself being it verbally or written.
My communication style is very different depending on who I am communicating with. When I am communicating with my friends, family, my tone is very casual and jovial; I do not pay much attention to my choice of words. For example I use a lot of slang words like wanna, gotto, etc on the other hand, when I am communicating with my classmates and instructors, and I am very professional and very careful with my choice of words and tone.

When communicating with friends, the tone is very casual no worries about capitalization, punctuation,...