Go on Little Dreamer

Yesterday I wasn’t different among tots of today who had their rucksacks loaded with educational stuffs carried on their backs, hurriedly rushing off the streets in the crack of dawn, heading for school. Several years had passed I was one of those and its quite amusing trying to reminisce life back then. Those were the days of abc’s and 1, 2, 3, an episode of feeding up my curiosity. A chapter where I, a fledgling, so young, started to mull over and ask myself “what lies ahead, what would be my next pages of life, what would I become some more years from now?”

As I look, listen and be influenced from the outside world there grows a simple hallucination of desire, just a childish dream foreseeing myself tomorrow. Young as I am I keep holding one of my very ideal, I was even more proud to boast from my fellows. Years elapsed and gradually, as I took single step each day I was unfolding the mysteries about how vague life is. Indeed, “life is a mystery that one shouldn’t waste time trying to figure it out”. With my plain creed I stay focus, life may sometimes so harsh, I remain unshattered. And so until then, with a beaming glimpse about yesterdays, I never thought such immature reverie would pave its way to reality, perhaps because of valor, optimism and faith within.

Nowadays, I still can’t imagine that one day I found myself shedding off tears, probably tears of exultation, as I set my sail and started to track my course of life. I realize it would be a juncture to prove myself, my kinsfolk and my colleagues that I can be a better man and that with all my best I will try not to disappoint them in behalf of my imperfections. I’m just a novice with my calling I admit, but it’s where one should start isn’t it? I know amidst my journey there lays stacks of barriers, but with my keen determination I believe I can transcend, bearing in mind that life will not be fair at all times, there will be moments of anguish and distress assessing how far can we go with our...