Barriers in Intercultural Communication

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      Barriers   in interculural communication.
                      “The thing I like most about Brooklyn is all the different people who live there. The thing I like least about Brooklyn is that those people do not get along with each other.”
                                      Elderly African-American.
                                      Brooklyn resident.
                      ( Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth & Harter, 2006, p. 208)

      Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and the tendency of globalization, the meeting of people of different racism and backgrounds is inevitable. Each people brings with them their own cultures, beliefs, and values. Therefore, when such intercultural differences meet each other, there are many misunderstandings and conflicts emerging. They are very difficult to avoid and can hamper the effectiveness of an intercultural communication. The following paper will be an analysis of how those raising problems work to make a cross-cultural communcation so difficult and challenging.
Barriers   in interculural communication.
In the age of information, it seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller, and contact with people who are different from us is unavoidable. The geological distance in today is not a question any more, it is reduced in a way that we truly become a “global village”(McLuhan, 1962, p.31). In such an intercultural interaction, many obstacles prevent people from communicating effectively. These obstacles are not usually realized by communicators during the process of communication. In general, problems we often face are ethnocentrism, stereotype, assuming similarity instead of difference, and   misinterpretation of codes.

      The very first mistake people often make is to be ethnocentric. It means people use the norms and standards...