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first core competency is its extremely flexible supply chain that is quickly able to respond to variations in demand thus, preventing a significant amount of lost sales. In contrast with other players in the footwear industry, Crocs owns manufacturing facilities which enables to it vary production in line with the demand. This also has the added benefit of improving reputation with the retailers who are more likely to order from Crocs due to a reliable partnership as compared to its competitors.

second core competency is its proprietary resin technology that gives the shoes their unique comfort as well as odor-resistance properties. The material of the shoes instead of their design and looks is responsible for the phenomenal success of Crocs. it has also built state-of-the-art compounding facilities in Canada, China, and Mexico thus, reducing its reliance on the Italian company.
Crocs may also continue to grow through acquisitions as it has already done with Ocean Minded. It was starting to make shoes with uppers made of leather. This material was huge different with traditional crocs shoes because the standard shoe was sandal.
The technology which was named home-grown database system for viewing the global inventory. It was in the process of bring up a commercial enterprise resource planning system.
Crocs may also consider growth through product extensions. Crocs has built considerable brand goodwill among its customers which provides opportunities to introduce new product lines or expand existing product lines just like Nike and Adidas. Crocs has already been approached by at least one large retailer to introduce new products. This will diversify Crocs revenue stream and allow the company to introduce new products with minimum marketing efforts.

The company is focused on controlling as many aspects of its supply chain as possible because control and close management is the key to its industry leading supply chain model. Thus, acquiring raw...