Bt Has Experienced Many Changes in Strategies, Technology, Markets and Products over the Last 25 Years Following Privatization.

BT has experienced many changes in strategies, technology, markets and products over the last 25 years following privatization.



BT is one of the world’s oldest Communication Technology Companies operating in 170 different Countries around the world. The 2008/2009 recession has acted as a trigger of change not just for British Telecom but its competitors both National but International.
This report would look into through its key elements of the company’s innovative paradigm such as key business process , mission statement, Environmental factors,   strength , weakness, opportunities and threats  to the British Telecommunication and the critical success factors involved.
Significance of the innovative dimensions within a range of organizational and continental contexts, different innovative and creative management approaches utilized by BT on its quest of change and improvement.
The research would also look into Staff retention being a crucial factor in improving BT’s business customer service strategy. Intelligent customer strategy can provide significant competitive gain. However customer strategy is superior to product driven strategy.


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BT is world’s oldest communication technology. It operates in 170 countries around the world. Within the company it has five main area of business such as
BT Retail
BT wholesale
BT global
BT openworld
BT exact

“BT recorded a dismal performance last year ending 31 March, 2009 with a turnover of £21,390,000, a loss before tax of £134,000, and a net loss of £81,000. The first of its losses since 2001.”   As seen in the case study.

Taking into account that “The global telecommunications market went through a fundamental transition from national state owned monopolies to privatized,...