Free Trade

Economic efficiency, stability, and competitiveness
New Zealand has completed more than a decade of economic restructuring, and now has a stable economy well geared for long term international competitiveness. The privatisation of utilities and state services like postage and rail services has created one of the world’s most efficient, competition-friendly economies. A free and independent press ensures corporate and government decision-making is transparent and fair.
This openness and competitiveness extends to international companies doing business in New Zealand; the country ranks third in the world in ease of cross-border transactions, according to the World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2005. The New Zealand Government is proactive in providing an environment that enables international investors to relocate, and/or collaborate with New Zealand companies.
Free Trade
New Zealand’s close trade and legal relationship with Australia gives businesses operating from New Zealand duty free access to a population of 24 million.
Our free trade relationships, including recent economic co-operation agreements with Singapore and Thailand, and world-first negotiations with the People’s Republic of China, will significantly increase the size of the New Zealand consumer market.
If you’re looking for an exceptional lifestyle and fresh investment opportunities, New Zealand can provide you with both. New policies for business migrants make New Zealand more attractive and more accessible than ever - for business people and entrepreneurs who can make a contribution to our economy.
Along with these new polices, the Government is also investing $7.5 billion in improving New Zealand’s infrastructure over the next five years to boost productivity and unlock the country’s economic potential.
These developments will enhance changes over the past decade which have seen a dramatic move in New Zealand towards a more sophisticated, free market economy that competes...