1.1 Electricals retailing sector:

In the UK, total value of electricals retailing industry was £28.9 billion (incl. VAT) in 2010, a figure which has hardly changed in five years. The figure includes all spending – brown goods, kitchen appliances and PCs. It does not include software. (2001.Mintel).Sales by electrical retailers was £12.9 billion (incl. VAT) for the same year, down by 21% over the last five years. The sector is made up of electrical retailers (such as Currys, Comet or Richer Sounds), where sales were 11% down, and PC and telecoms specialists where sales were down by 34%. In 2006, the specialist retailers accounted for 55% of electricals sales; by 2010 they had fewer than 45%. That is a dramatic decline and we need to say why and who has gained.

1.2 PC worlds

The mass market specialist PC World is the leading player, capturing over a quarter of all spending through its multi-channel platform of 161 large stores and an online shop. PC World’s category-killing format has come to dominate the PC specialists sector to such an extent that it is now the only specialist with any real scale and a market share of 26.3%.pc worlds allocate appropriately 23 online shops to make customers purchase the electronicals online conveniently.(Mintel 2009).this retailing form seems to enjoy the increasing popularity in UK.
1.3 electronicals self-service service
PC World chains offer consumer electronics, personal computer, domestic appliance, and photographic equipment and communication products. This company sells its products through multiple channels, in stores, over the internet and also provides product support service to its customers. Additionally, the company conducts business to business (B2B) sales and services. (Datamonitor 2009).
  The nature of retailing service is significant reason to purchase and use electronicals in PC World chains. Moreover, actual chains bring convenience and happiness of self-service purchase to customers.
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