Global Village

Global Village Related Texts

Scaffold for Analysis

As well as studying the prescribed text, you must also study and analyse texts of your own choosing.   Collect at least TWO texts of your own choosing that are relevant to your class’s focus.

LOOK FOR TEXTS THAT HAVE DEPTH (see below). Ideally the texts should be from different media.

You will be assessed on your understanding of these texts in upcoming assessment tasks, and the HSC examination.

Make notes on all of the following aspects of your texts.

BRIEF précis of the text: (characters, setting, essential plot details – with special attention to THE GLOBAL VILLAGE).

ONE paragraph maximum.

  * Composer of the text (brief background)

  * Year of publication

  * Purpose of the text (inform? Persuade? Entertain? A combination of these?)

  * Does the text reflect any specific events or attitudes at the time it was composed? (internet research may be helpful).

  * What would you say are the composer’s assumptions or values, from your reading/viewing of the text? Do these values reflect or conflict with the mainstream social values of the time?

  * Who would you assess the target audience to be, based on the sophistication of the text? (eg. General adult audience? Young adult/teenage? Specifically highly‐educated?) Explain and give specific

  * What are the main themes of the text? What does the text say about people and societies? Do the text’s values reflect the mainstream social values of the time or place of composition? Is the composer trying to challenge the values of his/her time?

  * What are your personal reactions to the ideas and events in the text? How has the text stimulated your thinking about yourself, your community, your country and your world?

  * How successful is the text? Strengths? Weaknesses? What have others said or written about this text? (research some critical comments – the internet may be helpful.) Do you...