Global Village Speech

English monologue: Roger Chan
Thesis: Global village has the power to manipulate the beliefs, values and attitudes of individuals.
Why does his influence still have so much control over me? It’s true I’m 24 years of age and I’m still putting up with Gerry’s obnoxious behaviour. He is like the mad puppeteer and the five of us would be his creepy constraint dolls for his performance. The presence of his camera has inflicted so much damage that it’s completely distorted our lives, especially mine!   My whole world has been corrupted by the media!   I can’t fathom Gerry’s behaviour; sometimes he can be so blind and oblivious to the things rights in front of him that he misses the very essence of a moment. I feel more isolated than ever, but Gerry’s wouldn’t know because he is far more interested looking through his camera lens rather than connecting emotionally. However, this could just be my relationship with Gerry; I mean Cam is the one who has all of the special treatment around here, Gerry loves him. There is no point even trying to compete with Cam, because Gerry continually favours him over me all the time. Get this, when Cam asked Gerry for a place to sleep Gerry says yes, but... when I plea for a couch and doona my response is “ need to live your own life, not mine”. Like what the flip does he want from me! Where do I fall short?
I bet right from the beginning....Gerry convinced us to believe that all of us kids were chosen at random, but it was planned. It was all part of his little scheme. He manipulated the plot. I guess I’m supposed to play the role of the tech savvy smart Asian kid, but that’s only half true. Cam is like a lot of people. They judge you by labels. “I look Asian, I wear a uniform. So I’m not just a slope. I’m a rich slope; I’m a rich smart slope who’s meant to top the state in something.”   I’m Australian, same as you! In fact I was born here on Australia Day. Yeah my mum is Filipino and my dad originates from Malaysia, so what,...