Domestic and Global Business Environment

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Universally-regarded communication visionary Marshall McLuhan would be pleased to know that his "Global Village" has come of age. Known as the "father of communications" and the "prophet of the Information Age," McLuhan envisioned a day when the people living on the earth would be interconnected. What he may not have imagined in his "Global Village" is the global marketplace and the advantages and disadvantages posed by conducting e-commerce in an insecure environment.
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Increased Speed
Having an Internet business and a means for people to buy your product certainly reduces the cost of doing business across the board. Having a virtual storefront is less expensive than operating a real one, as hosting a website is cheaper than paying rent, utilities and employees. Doing business online also means providing a way for the customer to purchase your product. An insecure e-commerce gateway page usually speeds the transaction process up, because the page does not have to be encrypted--but that won't necessarily translate into sales. There are other considerations to take into account.
Less Fees to Pay
An insecure e-commerce page also reduces your costs because you don't have to pay a fee to a third-party for handling your transaction, such as the fees paid to PayPal, Google Checkout or NeTeller. You don't have to pay a programmer to encrypt your e-commerce page to make it secure or pay a "shopping cart" company to utilize their services. Instead, you could create a page where the person wishing to buy your product simply prints the page, fills it out, and faxes their...