Global Notes

-the castle sets scene for viewers see challenges of living in a global context   + globalisation on world and shown in – n how global village affects characters.
-complex term to define, world shrunk by means of media types and world wide web,
-in castles case – barlo group(big business,global) attempt to show superiority by taking kerrigans ( village) house
-expressed to their values, attitudes,viewers fell sympathetic and back them through the conflict.

-commences diegetic sounds used to rep simplistic world kerri-inhabit, birds mower,kids,dogs
-sounds set as credits roll on black screen –in this montage positive sounds suggesting family in surburbia or a community.

-Then introduced to naive narrator –dale, tells the story he himself doesn’t fully understand events that unfold.
-this innocence,ignorance,child like which emphasises they are simple people with simple values who are disconnected from neg aspects of global.
-Kerrigan’s rep positive elements of village and beliefs a close knit community provide.

-Through narration we are shown series of quick scenes which characterises family and gives insight to their everyday life.
-brings responder into their life/home, highlights their beliefs/attitudes/values.
-Simple use of camera shots and movements –shaking camera – used to rep home movie
-brings audience in to view Kerrigan’s values beliefs attitudes.

-Narration n simple shots that depict house and family help introduce family to audience
-like mid shots of family at meal time, help establish the relationship between characters
-effect we see they are a close and loving family
-through glimpse of lives the audience are endeared into their values and beliefs
-also shows aud how harmless they are n how accept global even though they are discon from it
-also shown kerri accept multiculturalism as shown in their son in law(con), neighbour(leb)
-acceptance also show in their extreme interest in thai...