The Castle Speech

global village links us as humans in a number of ways. We are able to communicate more efficiently though the means of telecommunication and media. We are able to travel cheaply and efficiently. The dominance of multinational organisations is creating a single culture based on the English language and ideas of wealth to gain goods. Both the movie ‘The castle’ and the cartoon “globalisation by singer” raise issues that make us think about the consequences of a Global Village.

The main issue of globalisation raised in these texts is the dominance of multinational organisations that are creating a single culture based on the English language and the ideas of wealth to gain goods. This dominance is driving out common values shared within cultures and there traditions, and the sense of family. In the village, the ‘locals’ are represented by the Kerrigan’s especially through Darryl’s attitude of being determinant and assertive. In the globalisation image the issue is made obvious, it too is the same issue but is expressed by multinational company symbols as invaders, driving out the locals of an island.

Characterisation is used in the castle to develop ideas of the global village. The whole Kerrigan family seems uneducated and are represented as a stereotypical Australian. This is seen right from the start by the colloquial language used, and the way they wear jeans and flannelette shirts. This helps us to relate more closely as well we are Australian. The Kerrigan’s are in contrast with the members of The Barlow Group, which talk in formal language and wear suits. The contrast in these characters helps to emphasise the opposite opinions about the compulsory acquisition of the Kerrigan’s home. We are positioned by the characterisation to see the Kerrigan’s as the good people that are being dominated by The Barlow Group who are made out as the bad people in this film. This in turn helps us to understand the issue of living in a Global village.

Comparison is used...