Gap Analysis Global Communications


Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Shanetta L. Ashwood
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
      Global Communications, a once leader in the telecommunications industry, has taken a drastic turn for the worse.   The stock, which once traded on Wall Street at $28 per share, has dropped more than fifty percent to $11 per share in the last three years. The company, who prided themselves on their relationship with “the people,” is now facing a situation where the union workers are attempting to put a stop to their globalization plans.   Its competitors in this new highly competitive industry are edging out the company who was once a leader.   Global Communications has a newly renovated senior leadership team.   With this team, GC has developed a firm plan on how to remain competitive, cut costs, and create new innovations in the telecommunications field.   Unfortunately, GC’s senior leadership has not thought of everything.   The plan’s impact on its employees will be devastating.   The image with the public may take a hit.   The stakeholders’ trust of the company may be in question.   Global Communications has a bit more research to do before going full steam ahead with this plan.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
      Global Communications has set still as the telecommunications field has taken off in a growing directing.   While companies are offering satellite services and new features in their local and long distance, GC has remained stagnant.   The cable companies are offering “bundle deals,” in which a customer is able to receive his or her cable, Internet and phone service at a discounted rate, all lumped into one bill.   Consumers love these types of promotions.   Unfortunately, these are the types of promotions that are making it hard for GC to stay afloat.   These types of promotions have caused a decrease in stocks of over 50% for Global Communications in the...