Gap Analysis: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

      Global Communications is a telecommunication company experiencing problems surviving in today’s economy.   The increased competition within the telecommunication industry has caused Global Communications stock prices to decline. With the decline in stock prices Global Communications executive leadership team has to act swiftly to make a comeback in the industry and become the leader of the industry. The executive leadership team has introduced a new plan of action to the Global Communications Board in which the board approved. Before Global Communication can implement its new plan a gap analysis has be done. A gap analysis is “a method of improving a company's financial performance by reducing the gap between current results and long-term objectives” (2007). This gap analysis will indentify issues and opportunity with the new action plan in which Global Communications is facing, the stakeholder perspectives, the end stated vision and the gap between Global Communications current conditions and its end stated vision.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
      With today’s economy Global Communications has trouble surviving. Indentifying the issues of Global Communications will allow the company to see opportunities that could be taken. The first issue of Global Communications is that the stock has fell more than 50% within the past several years and the competition in the industry is increasing. With the decline in stock of more than 50% Global Communications could be out of business in the near future. The senior executive team has a plan in place in which restructuring of the company will have to take place. The opportunity for Global Communications from the restructure is that the company profits will start to increase and stock will start to multiply. Restructuring of the company...