Gc Benchmarking

Global Communication Benchmarking

Every function of a Company or Organization must deliver an outcome. Problems prevent outcomes. Potential solutions to problems are best when the solutions are compatible to goals and objectives. Benchmarking is appropriate for the output of a process or function (Camp, 1989) and for determining the best practice for this process or function.   Managers can use benchmarking to learn from their competitors. Benchmarking your competitor is called competitive benchmarking (Maul, 2010). Benchmarking within your own industry is called generic benchmarking Maul, 2010). Benchmarking and synopsis are valuable tools in increasing the health of any business. An analysis of the results should be determined in a synopsis of leading competitors.
The Fortune 500 Companies Team A selected have potential problems that will prevent them from reaching their goals. Team A is conducting a synopsis to find the best practice of those who have faced similar problems (Maul, 2010).   These companies include Target and Wal mart, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Microsoft and Google, and Verizon and AT&T.
A synopsis provides a means of identifying gaps in employee performance, the performance of the Company, and its competitors. Companies can learn new lessons and experiences from many industries. Manager should focus on the best practice of the leading competitor. With this process, Companies can identify the root of their problem.  

Global Communications is facing decisions, which could make or break their company tremendously. These decisions consisted of: outsourcing job, improving profitability, and the introduction of new services. Many companies today have to make to same decisions to ensure the longevity of their company. A representative from every major stakeholder should be involved in the decision making process to ensure viewpoints are heard.
Global Communications management team believed that they...