Global Communications Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Global Communications known for being a competitive company because of their loyal employees has put into action a new strategy for outsourcing technical jobs to Ireland and India. They have teamed up with a satellite provider that will allow their small business customers with the opportunity to access anytime Internet using the technology of wireless phone service and PC cards. (Mcshane & Von Glinow, 2005)
Due to the jobs that will be lost here in the United States the employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer over to the consumer side of Global Communications with a 10% pay cut. The Union has just recently made a contract with Global Communications to reduce employee benefit packages in their latest negotiations. The new strategy of outsourcing manipulates the current contract the Union has in place for the Global Communications employees. (Mcshane & Von Glinow, 2005)
Global Communications has damaged relationships with their new strategy and has some relationships to rebuild. Once Global Communications puts some of the competitive edge concepts that are included in this gap analysis into action their company will flourish not only in the United States but Abroad making Global Communications the industry leader.


Situation Analysis
                                  Issue and Opportunity Identification

Top executives at Global Communications have strategized a plan to market itself more aggressively in the International market and become a world wide competitor. With the new strategy bring about issues and opportunities that Global Communications has to face.
The main issue is that Global Communication has been known as a competitive company because of their loyal employees. With the new plan for outsourcing jobs to India and Ireland Global Communications has to cut thousands of jobs in their current technical support call center here in...