Future Plans

Inception of Mind
The innocent and developing minds of young children creates a world of fantasy and wonder. Swirling imagination of my introverted mind, I dream every night, bringing forth innovated thoughts of wonder. The fact of being able to dream every night shows that a night of rest and being able to learn different information lead to a found interest of the human mind. My little Vulcan (Star Trek) mind becomes fascinated knowing that prodigies out in the world possess a different thought process that differentiates them from the norm.
My interest in psychology heightens as I begin to be exposed to various mindsets, different from the one another, because no one is “normal.” For example, those who claim to see ghosts or apparitions and the psychic ability that a few others have displays an array of different functions in their brain or the way that their mind turn like clockwork of various kinds of specialized clocks. Despite the fact that people are skeptical in the idea of psychic, the idea that there are such people, provoke a sense of awe and fascination.
The thought of déjà vu is a concept of foreseeing the future, a feeling of a event that had already occur but has yet to happen. Although this seems incredulous, the evidence that I have experience this “feeling” of déjà vu exhibits the possibility that the human mind can achieve atypical thought process. “Is the human world evolving into a different state that requires a higher level of thinking?” and “Instead of the small portion of that the brain that is part of our daily use, is it possible that the few people that have access to a foreign part of the brain that performs a different function that normally would not be in access?” Being able to interpret contexts in an atypical way or retaining more information, such as photographic memory; these thoughts churn my mind into a spiral of endless wonder.
Having an interest in the medical/psychological field makes one future bright and enticing...