Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan Update

Environmental Scan and Summary

University of Phoenix

Environmental Scan and Summary
The Executive Team at Kudler has expressed a desire to grow more rapidly and as a result Kudler must consider some alternative strategies. Whether Kudler Fine foods succeeds or not depends on its ability to adapt to the changes it faces in its external and internal environment. As changes occur, management must be able to understand and make decisions. In an effort to update its strategy, Kudler must perform environmental scans.
“Environmental scanning refers to possession and utilization of information about occasions, patterns, trends, and relationships within an organization’s internal and external environment” (Management Study Guide, 2009). Environmental scans monitor the firm’s external and internal environment. It is used to detect early signs of threats and opportunities that could affect current plans and future plans. Environmental scanning is used to detect technological, economic, and social events that help define potential threats and opportunities in Kudler’s competing industry. The environmental scan will help Kudler’s management stay informed of industry standards, tends, and forecasts. This knowledge will help Kudler develop a stronger strategy.
Internal Scanning is an internal analysis of Kudler’s environment and is the first step of environment scanning. Observing Kudler’s internal environment entails employee interaction with other employees and management, management interaction with other managers and shareholders, access to natural resources, organizational structure, brand awareness, operational potential, etc. Surveys, interviews, and discussions can also be used to assess Kudler’s internal environment. Evaluating the internal environment is useful for determining the strengths and weaknesses of any organization.
Major changes in the external environment occur when a business becomes more competitive. The information from Kudler’s external...