Marketing Plan

The Elmhurst of Broadway Car Wash Tunnel System

Marketing Plan

Marketing Management MM522

Prof. Kissi Peprah

Keller Graduate School of Management

Chirawat Withanwattana D03225034


The Elmhurst of Broadway Car Wash will roll out an intense line of new services that has been sorely missed by local patrons over the last 7 years.   In order to introduce the new services offered, the company has decided to change their self-serve philosophy into one where the company will help serve the community.

The company mission statement is:

      “The Elmhurst of Broadway Car Wash will be providing more detail cleaning services by rolling out with a new automatic car wash tunnel as well as hand washing bays.   Through this, the company wishes to solve the needs for hundreds of people who have do love car than necessary to get a service that is needed regularly.   The company will further its improvements by working within the community to draw more support and ultimately position themselves as a leader of value added customer service with an affordable service product close to home.”

    This project will support the deprived customers of an easy to use automatic machine throughout the year.   The ease of service will be amplified by the easy to use kiosk system and will provide a fluid transaction with a service that will require very little labor input and maximizing profits.   Coupled with the increase in profits, the real estate value as well as improvement value will enhance the marketability for the sale of the business in the coming years, once the economic times have turned around.   The overall net worth as a business will offset the declining real estate prices and capital raised from this projected sale will be rolled over to a new location (already researched and negotiated) with a higher local customer base count, slightly lower average income, and a brand new facility located on the outskirts of the city.   Future plans...