Future of Modernization

The Future of Modernization
Carrie Ann Soler
Walter James
December 19, 2010

The future of modernization for our country and for the rest of the world for that matter is
that this will continue and will be an ongoing cycle as long as man continues to live on this earth.  
I will be using the theory from Ferdinand Tonnies who believed that modernization is
“Gemeischaft and Gesellschaft,” (community and society), and that modernization is a
progressive loss of human community (Gemeischaft).   He believed that the industrial revolution
was the catalyst to the progression and claims that the breaking down of the family and tradition
as well as the prioritizing oneself   has become the outcome.   In this paper I will discuss how
modernization has manifested in our American society, along with some of the consequences and
where modernization is heading; along with the belief system of Ferdinard Tonnies.

To reiterate, the manifestation of modernization began with the industrial revelation and
has been ever evolving.   One may say that America got bit by the money bug and the emphasis
on money became priority with family, community, and traditional values lagging behind.   The
community losing its close knit bonds after generations of “family like relationships” because of  
modernization.   The telephone, televisions, cars, cell phones are some example of modernization
and now the World Wide Web makes it very easy not to visit family friends but only to send an
email. Even though Tonnies thought there more negative aspects of modernization than positive,  
he would mix his negative belief with some positive and   realized there may have been some
good in regards to modernization, for instance and according to Tilman,
The city is also the centre of science and culture which go hand in hand with commerce

and industry. Here the arts must make a living; they are exploited in a capitalistic way.

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