Future of Modernization

Modernization is the process of social change begun by industrialization, and is a theory in the subject of social sciences that refers to process in which society goes through industrialization, urbanization, and other social changes that completely transform the lives of the individuals. Social change has been, and probably will continue to be, a complex process that reflects the priorities we set for this nation as well as our will to achieve them. Society will continue to change as new technology is developed and new ideas are explored.
Without modernization, we would still be suffering from many illnesses which we now consider minor. Modernization usually results in more efficient use of our time. Modern communication alerts us to possible dangers so quickly that loss of life due to flooding, storms, excreta is now newsworthy, rather than back in the day when it wasn’t. The downside of it is, without tradition, we may not recognize a new presentation of an old problem. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
"Are humans and human society always going to explore, learn, adapt, grow and change?", yes, with occasional morbid regressions backwards such as burning the Library of Alexandria down, Dark Ages of ignorance and "traditionalism", tyrannies of subjective magical-thinking, religious fanaticism, and economic collapses. But, humans eternally rise above the savage.
Some may look at the changes with women rights and see the freedom a woman has to work; a job, vote, excreta while others may view the change as something that has caused families to have two full time workers in order to support the finances and the negative impacts such as daycare and time spent away from family can bring. Other things such as the changes in transportation have brought about an idea and challenge on how far a person can travel and the speed there of. Others may view this change as polluting the atmosphere even more and using up valuable fossil fuels....