Soc 120

Future of modernization
                                                                              Trudy urbain
                                                                          Axia college student

                          How does modernization manifest itself in U.S. SOCIETY?
    I believe when talking about the different ways that modernization manifests itself in the United States there are some main concepts. The older people are becoming more aware of the future, people’s personal choices are becoming more aware of the future, people’s personal choices are becoming brighter, and the biggest thing is that our society has more diversity than ever before.  
There are many other ways the modernization manifests in us. The market place and revenue onto the global scale. This is the global market which is manifested by the commercialism and is circulated there through the internet. Becoming modernized is a big world wide trend because many countries become more modern by seeking what other countries already have, or trying to out do the other country.
For many of the smaller countries that are developing the modernization is slowly happening but at a much longer and slower rate. There are many consequences of modernization such as decreased values of goods, and at the work ethics. A lot of this has to do with the competition on the global and the faster changing scale. This also allows some but not all countries to exceed quickly, and lets the more developing countries fall behind.
Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S.?
Yes, most definitely the U.S. will always be one that is on top for modernization, some of the other countries such as Japan and many other countries will always be right beside the U.S. competing for the new age the new technology and most of all the new developments that are going on .I am right I believe the U.S. was...