How Can Modern Behavioural Therapies Help a Client Accept the Uncertainty of Their Future?

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“How can modern behavioural therapies help a client accept the uncertainty of their future?”
In order to evaluate whether modern behavioural therapies can assist a client in accepting the uncertainty of their future, I am going to look at 2 modern behavioural therapies – CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and REBT – Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy.
CBT is the term used for a group of psychological treatments that are based on scientific evidence. These treatments have been proven to be effective in treating many psychological disorders by addressing dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviours and cognitive processes through a number of goal orientated, explicit systematic procedures.
CBT focuses on the way people think and act to help them with their emotional and behavioural problems. It is a practical approach to helping people overcome problems and has straightforward and clear principles. A central concept of CBT is that you feel the way you think. Therefore, CBT works on the principle that you can live more happily and productively if you are thinking in healthy ways.
A central message of CBT is that the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs you hold have a big effect on the way you interpret the world around you and how you feel. So, if you are feeling excessively bad then chances are you are thinking badly or at least in an unhelpful way. People don’t intend to think badly and mostly, people are unaware that they do.
CBT is a short term therapy that revolves around solving problems that a client presents with. It works by asking the client to take part in the therapy and actively work on changing their negative thought processes. The client and therapist will identify the individual issues that the client wishes to work on and goals are identified. The client and the therapist then work together, focusing on specific skills that empower the client to harness their own internal resources to maintain...