Function of Five Objectives of Operationss Management in Guangzhou Book Center

Executive Summary
This report introduces the business of Guangzhou Book Center, briefly describes the operation strategies in this organization. It also introduces the organization’s major activities which support its business success in quality, dependability, flexibility, speed and cost. Meanwhile it lists the drawback which the organization should improve within the five objectives. Lastly the report analysis future issues of Guangzhou Book Center.

1 Organization Background
Guangzhou Book Center is a company which sells books, stationary and sport products from November, 1994. The total service area is more than 15,000 square meters .The center has more than 100,000 kinds of books, 30,000 kinds of media materials and varieties of stationary. It has more than 3,000,000 individual customers and 200 group customers. Besides business in selling books and other products, they operate various seminars and cultural exchange events which are free to public every year. From 2004 they set up their website and bookstore online. It is currently one of the largest book center in South China.

2 The strategy in the organization
In its broadest sense, strategy is the means by which individuals or organizations achieve their objectives (R. M. Grant, 2010). The aim of Guangzhou Book Center is committed to bring large and immediate information to the public, help people to enjoy the knowledge. They focus on providing customers with rich variety of books, best services, excellent environment, as well as joy of reading (Guangzhou Book Center, 2011). They hope keeping a share in the book market and to be one of the largest book center in South China.

3 Function of five objectives of operations management in the organization
Five objectives of operations management is quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, cost. These five objectives performance objectives underpin much of the work on performance measurement that has been undertaken subsequently (A. D. Neely,...