Managers Functional Role in Business

Roles of the Manager within the Functional Areas of Business
MGT 521
February 3, 2015
Professor William Wider

Roles of the Manager within the Functional Areas of Business                                                     2
    Manager‘s play a very integral role within an organization to ensure that business processes are completed effectively.   The functional areas of the business will be determined by the type of business which will determine the tasks and activities that must be completed.   These areas will be the department and teams that are completing similar activities on a daily basis.   There will typically be a manager whose primarily function will be head each of these departments.   They will have the freedom to meet the goals and objectives that have already been established through the business processes that they are responsible for planning, directing and organizing.  
    The manager must ensure that there are established guidelines which will enable employees to meet established goals and objectives.   Each department will have set goals and objectives they must meet to ensure that the organization is able to meet is established goals.   They will be able to use control, planning, leadership and organization to help them to ensure they are able to meet these goals.  
The control that a manager establishes will set the work standards that is expected from employees.   This will set expectations so that employees will have a clear understanding of what is expected from them.   While a manager in taking control of the work environment they need to make sure that they are taking into consideration internal and external components that could ultimately impact their ability to accomplish goals and objectives.  
    Human Resource Manager is an important role to the profitability of an organization because it is used to ensure that the organization have the necessary resources to achieve the goals and objectives for the organization....