Financial Management Functions & Goas

Financial Management Functions & Goals
Due: Week 1, Day 4 (Thursday)

Please use this document to answer the eight questions below.   For matching and multiple choice questions, please be sure to clearly indicate your answers.   When you have completed your answers, please save this document with your work, using your name as the file name.   Submit your complete assignment to the Assignment link.

  1. List five careers in the finance field.
      Corporate Financial Officer, Banker, Stockbroker, Financial analyst, Investment Banker

2. Please indicate which of the below characteristics applies to each form of business by placing the letter (of the characteristic) next to the form of business.   Each characteristic may be used for more than one of the forms of business.

| Form Of Business                                             |Characteristics                                                 |
|Sole Proprietorship                                           |D               |E               |F               |G             |
|Partnership                                                   |C               |F               |G               |               |
|Corporation                                                   |A               |B               |E               |G             |
|Subchapter S Corporation                                       |A               |B               |E               |G             |
|                                                                                                                               |
|Characteristics                                                                                                               |
|A             |Accounts for 83% of US sales.                                                                                   |
|B             |Shareholders have limited liability.                                                                           |
|C             |Multiple...