Function of Managment

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      Function of Management

      Veronica Benn


      February 11, 2010

      Tammy Duty-Segura

      Function of Management

      Within the following paper, the author will define the four function of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) and explain how each function relates to her own organization. Managers are the employees who are responsible for coordinating resources within an organization. Management activities are focused in four key areas: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In small business such as the veronica the owner usually performs these activities.

      Planning is the developing stage of an organization that brings a necessary service to the people that a organization cater. Placing the correct people in place to execute the plan is essential. An outline of how the organization is providing for his or her customer is necessary. Thus, how the organization is going to meet goals during planning. Planning related to the author organization because a forecast of the future has to be in place to prepare for unexpected events.

      The second of the four basic management activities is organizing. In preparing and integrating the proper organization structure for an organization size and employees, a organization can meet the purpose and make necessary profit to continue. However, the structure may change over a time frame as the company increase, but this is the “nature if the beast” and how most of corporate America have come to expect. Beside, the best way to organize a structure for organization is to examine his or her employees and use the strength of others to increase the weaknesses of others.   In this way they will see how everyone is capable of doing his or her job, and enjoy his or her job.

The work of employees must be directed so that his or her task are performed correctly and on time. Influencing people to act according...