532 – Understanding Professional Supervision Practice (Knowledge Only)

532   – Understanding professional supervision practice (Knowledge only)

Level 4
Credit value 3

|1.1     |Evaluate theoretical approaches to professional supervision                                                                                   |
|       |Answer;-                                                                                                                                     |
|       |It is an enabling and positive process in which the opportunity is being offered for bringing the skilled supervisor and an employee together|
|       |in order to reflect on the work. It interprets the institutional mission and its main focus is on human and fiscal resources for promoting   |
|       |the competence of an individual and organisation. It may include the practical skills acquisition, theoretical or technical knowledge         |
|       |mastery, personal development at the interface of client/therapist and professional development.   There are many approaches and models       |
|       |towards the supervision. Some of the prominent ones are:                                                                                     |
|       |Development Model                                                                                                                             |
|       |It focuses on the conceptualisation skills development through the learning process. The change is the focus from dependence to               |
|       |interdependence on trainer/supervisor.   It is based on the assumption of on-going growth and the life-long process of learning. In this       |
|       |model, theoretical orientation, individual differences, professional ethics, techniques and interpersonal assessments all are involved.       |
|       |Models of Integration                                                                                                                         |
|       |It is an essential training model, and it also assumes that the...